Caddy Shack

The Caddy Shack is a fun place to go play miniature golf.

The Caddy Shack, located in Manhem, PA, is a nice, quiet, out of the way place to play mini-golf. A fun thing to do with the kids, or just for adults as well. It is located in a nice secluded area full of trees. If you are playing on a hot, sunny day, you will get plenty of shade.

The owner, Ken Shenk, actually built a restaurant first in 1989. He added the outside deck in 1990 and built the golf course in 1992.

Caddy Shack Restaurant Caddy Shack Restaurant

Ken serves ice cream, hamburgers and a variety of other short order foods. He says that he makes the best crabcakes around. I am not a crab cake eater, but Beth is. I am sure we will be back to try them.

We love broasted chicken, and we were surprised to find this on Ken's menu. He had a big smile on his face when I told him of another restaurant in the area where we usually order our broasted chicken. Ken said that his patrons only eat the "other broasted chicken" when they cannot get his. Needless to say, I cannot wait to try Ken's chicken.

Broasted Chicken is deep-fried in a pressure cooker, with a special coating on it. The result is delicious, moist, fried chicken.

Ken has some help in the restaurant..his best friend, Cheryl, and his Mom. Mom is 90 years young. You can see her in the picture below. She works serving up ice cream in the restaurant every day. What a Mom!

Caddy Shack Restaurant - Cheryl, Ken & Mom Caddy Shack Restaurant - Cheryl, Ken & Mom

This is a fun course to play on. Located down in a little valley off the main road, it has a lot of beauty and charm. We kept saying to each other, "What a nice place to spend the evening." There were mother ducks with their little ducklings in the stream running through the course, and there were some nice flowers planted among the trees. The course is almost 20 years old. A few of the greens had split seams, and one hole had a large section of green missing. You can overlook the little imperfections, though, enjoying the course, and its challenging design.

Just in case you have problems finding the first hole, just follow the sign:

Caddy Shack - Hole One Caddy Shack - Hole One

Here is Kris, ready to hit her ball. You can see the beauty of the course in the background along with a little stream off to the right.

Jon & Kris Jon & Kris

On the 4th hole, there is a Water Wheel. You have to hit your ball just right in order not to bounce off the boards on the wheel or not hit in the corner next to the wheel. None of us made it on the first try.

Water Wheel Water Wheel

On the 5th hole, Kris hit her ball hard. It went up and over the side of the course and down into the stream, where Jon had to fish it out.

Jon fishing for Kris' ball Jon fishing for Kris' ball

There is a nice little swinging bridge leading to the 6th hole.

Beth & Rick on the Swinging Bridge Beth & Rick on the Swinging Bridge

On one of the holes, after our first putt, all four of our balls were lined up in a row against the side of the side wall.

Balls in a Row Balls in a Row

We had fun at the Caddy Shack. I won! And we finished off with ice cream at Ken's restaurant. You will have a good time, when you head over to this miniature golf course.

Here are more pictures from our Caddy Shack outing.

662 S. Oak St. at Route 72
Manheim, PA 17545

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